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Nursing Bras Review


I’ve been wearing bras with clips for 7 months now, here are the ones I’ve tried:

Hot Milk Lingerie

Vitality Nursing Bra

Hands down my favorite nursing bra. It’s cute, sooo comfy, and my go-to everyday bra for an active lifestyle.

pros: It’s the most supportive nursing sports bra I’ve tried, affordable

cons: none 🙂

Cake Maternity

Cotton Candy Yoga Bra

I loved this bra for the first couple months when I was engorged. It’s big and loose and didn’t put too much pressure on sore boobies.

pros: not too tight.

cons: the fabric comes up a bit too high in the armpits and digs in a little, very little support


Nursing Brahhh

My favorite bra to sleep in. Perfect for curling up by the fire or snuggling in bed, this bamboo bra is as soft as a babies bottom.

pros: might put you right to sleep, holds it shape as your boobs change size

cons: it’s only mildly supportive, but that’s ok, you’ll be asleep anyways




I loved this bra at first. But after the first couple months it seemed stretched out from my giant boobie days when my milk was first coming in- even though the website claims it “adapts flexibly to your changing bust size”. The website also claims “firm support”, but I’d say it’s more like medium support.

pros: comfortable and cute

cons: the straps are thin get tangled and flipped the wrong way, doesn’t hold its shape well, expensive

I wish I had gotten the regular FAST FOOD SPORTS BRA instead, it looks more durable and supportive. If anyone has tried it, please let me know! I’m debating ordering it.


H & M

MAMA 2-pack Soft Nursing Bras

Great for sleeping and lounging! Loose and comfortable on engorged boobs.

pros: inexpensive, so you don’t worry about leaking all over them like crazy

cons: none


Le Mystére

‘Mama Mia’ Underwire Nursing Bra

Honestly… this was my first ever “real” bra in a very long time. Before I got pregnant I was a AA cup, so I rocked bralettes, sticky boobs, Lululemon sports bras, and even bandaids. This bra gives me SO much lift and cleavage- I feel like a hot mama. It’s more comfortable than I thought it would be.

pros: I look like a hooters waitress

cons: I look like a hooters waitress

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