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What I wish I hadn’t worried about after having a baby


  1. pooping.

I was so scared. The nurses told us that both the baby and I had to poop before we got to go home. I panicked. Cried. Swore-off ever eating again if it meant I never had to go number 2 again. My older sister who’s had three babies practically force-fed me a salad (heyyoo, fiber).

After pushing a large baby through a small hole, I sustained many stitches to my nether regions. I was positive that anything else exiting down there would rip those stitches right out.

Once I realized that there was no way to escape the inevitable, I popped the Tylenol and stool softeners the nurses gave me, and hobbled my swollen, stitched up body to the bathroom.

IT WASN’T THAT BAD! Definitely not comfortable, but not like giving birth all over again like I thought it was going to be.

I spent hours freaking out and I wish there had been someone who’d also gone through a tougher delivery to tell me that it would be OK.

*pro tip: if you’re lucky enough to have a husband or co-parent or birth partner that’s not squeamish or easily grossed out, AND a hospital that has private showers in the room, getting help showering off your tushy is much better than trying to wipe.

and always take all the stool softeners.*

2. period

With as active as we are and how much we love spending time outside, not having a period was honestly so nice. And my lady parts still were/are sore sometimes so having to have a tampon in again didn’t sound great.

BUT – I can’t believe how much better I felt once it came back!

I felt like myself again. Like coming out of a fog.

I had no idea that was a thing that happened with getting your hormones back on a monthly cycle. It makes sense though now that I’ve read about it. And I’ve talked to other moms who’ve noticed how much better they felt too.

Periods are annoying, but whatever’s going on on the inside makes you feel sane and “normal” again.

If you’ve had a baby, I’d love to hear what silly things you freaked out about that turned out to be no big deal.

If you haven’t had a baby and are hoping to one day, tell me what you’re worried about and I’ll try to help calm your fears.

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