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Moab with Dogs


A bunch of Instagram friends responded with their favorite dog-friendly hikes in Moab. We only made it to a couple of them since the weather turned bad and I didn’t want to make our baby hike for miles while cold and soggy. (We love our old thrifted baby carrier, but it doesn’t have a rain cover. So, if you know and love a good baby carrier brand that has a rain cover, let me know!)

1. Be a good dog owner and pick up your dog’s poop when you’re out on the trails. Sooooo many people use these trails, and it’s the right LNT thing to do.

2. Know your dog. Know their strengths and weaknesses, know how they’ll react in different situations. On some of these hikes, dogs are allowed off-leash if they obey your voice commands. I never want my dogs to disturb or hurt wildlife (we’re insanely strict on them never chasing wildlife. Dogs can be killed on the spot if they’re caught chasing wildlife where we live.) And I never want my dogs to negatively effect someone else’s time in nature. We crossed paths with a couple with two super rowdy off-leash German Shepherds and as soon as they saw us coming they quickly put their dogs back on leash until we had passed. It’s was so proactive and respectful and I really appreciated it! Hiking with dogs off-leash is sooo fun, I’m a huge fan.

Here are the hikes we took the pups on:

Corona Arch

Gorgeous, fun, & short. This is definitely one of my favorite dog-friendly hikes in Moab. A tiny bit scramble-y in a few places but nothing too hard, we passed a mom hiking it with her 8 week old baby. There’s a handrail in a couple places if you need it. Ragnar had to be carried over a few spots but Alska made it up easily. We went early in the morning and I’m SO glad we did, we only saw a few other people the whole time. But at the bottom on our way down there was a huge single file line going up. Definitely worth setting your alarm for.

Slick Rock Bike Trail / Sand Flats

Right next to our campsite, not crowded, picturesque

We’ve gone on several little hikes with dogs on this bike trail and have hardly seen other people. I’m bummed we didn’t get to see a sunset here this trip, because it’s magical when a clear sunset lights up the open rolling coral-colored expanse.

Fisher Towers Trail

easy, gorgeous views, kinda crowded

A casual little stroll with a beautiful sunset.

Älska and Ragnar’s collars are the waterproof collars from Wilderdog. They’re perfect for our water-obsessed dogs and it’s so nice that their collars don’t drip or get stinky after we let them swim to cool off from the desert heat.

Here are the rest of the hikes that were suggested. We can’t wait to get back and try them all!

Nergo Bill / Grandstaff Trail

Mill Creek

Onion Creek

Jeep Arch

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